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Physical Therapy

Ellensburg's premiere Physical Therapy clinic

Canyon View uses goal specific Physical Therapy to make our main focus on the well-being of our patients. CVPT is Ellensburg's leader in post surgical rehabilitation, work related injuries, pelvic floor health, and vestibular therapy.
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As a Nurse Practitioner practicing locally in Ellensburg for many years now, I can say without reservation that Canyon View Physical Therapy provides absolutely fantastic physical therapy to the patients I refer for care. I have only ever had the best experience with each of the physical therapists who work at Canyon View. My patients have been uniformly complimentary when describing their therapy experiences at CVPT. As a clinician, it is reassuring to receive progress notes on my patients consistently, which is further evidence of the diligent care that Canyon View provides. I, too, have been a patient at CVPT for an extended period of time, and find that my progress has been absolutely fantastic. Canyon View works very closely with each individual patient to develop a care plan to further help the patient regain or maintain their desired level of physical activity. Canyon View is a collaborative practice. Included in that collaboration are the patients themselves. Patients who choose to work closely with their physical therapist at Canyon View will receive amazing benefits. This is truly an excellent physical therapy office, and I hold Canyon View Physical Therapy in the highest personal and professional regard. Top-notch!
Jennifer Lewis