Build a Strong Foundation

A program is only as good as the foundation it is built on. Build your base of strength, conditioning, and movement efficiency with CVPT’s Small Group Strength and Conditioning class. It starts with the “Fundamentals”, a 12 class course teaching the ins and outs of barbell movements. The Fundamentals class is designed to challenge you no matter your level of experience.

Small Group Strength & Conditioning 6

Increase your Level of Fitness

After Graduating from the Fundamentals Course, CVPT’s standard class will continue pushing you towards reaching your goals.

Small Group Strength & Conditioning 7

Achieve your Goals

Whether your goal is to improve body composition, build lean muscle, lose fat or increase performance, our Small Group Strength and Conditioning will help you get there. Check out the Pricing page or Contact Canyon View Physical Therapy for more details at 509.925.6220.

Small Group Strength & Conditioning 8