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Upcoming Running Clinic at CVPT

We hope that everyone has had a fantastic start to 2019 so far. We are pleased to announce the first ever continuing education course hosted at Canyon View Physical Therapy. The course is based upon Clinical Running and will run for a total of two days. If you know any healthcare professionals who would be interested in attending, please forward this to them and have them contact us. 

Therapist’s Thoughts
Prepare For Spring Now!
    With warmer weather approaching (although the single digit weather may suggest otherwise), you should begin preparing for yard work and gardening! There are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that you won’t end up in our clinic. One of those things is to lift with your legs, not your back.
Many people misinterpret this suggestion and think “if I bend my knees more I will not use my back.” It is correct bending your knees will utilize the muscles on the front of your leg but, squatting down is not always appropriate for lifting an object off the ground. Simply bending your knees may put you in an awkward position, set you off balance and put your back in a vulnerable position.
     What we mean by using your legs instead of your back is that your back must always stay in a neutral position while you use the muscles on the back of your leg to do the work. To keep a neutral spine position, first contract the muscles of your buttocks to set your hip in the correct position. Then, push your chest out and pull your shoulder back to fix your upper back in place. Last, tighten up your abdominals and make sure your sternum isn’t sticking out to keep your lower back from being over-arched.
      To pick an object off the ground position your feet as close to the object as possible. Keep a neutral spine and bend at the hip by shifting your hips backward and leaning over the object. It is ok to bend your knees as well. Grab the object brace your stomach and contract your legs and reverse the motion.

Strength and Conditioning
     We are making moves in the fitness realm of Canyon View Physical Therapy. Recently, we received a shipment of strength equipment including, squat racks, benches, bumper plates, barbells and more. We are excited to rearrange the clinic to accommodate more strength and conditioning classes and personal training clients.
     As our strength and conditioning classes are expanding, one of our class members who also works in the front office is stepping up to fill a role as a coach/ trainer. Kimmy has been a member of our strength and conditioning classes for over a year. She has impeccable lifting technique and is working hard to step into a role where she can share her knowledge and expertise with others. She brings high energy and enthusiasm, while also having a great understanding of the core principles taught in Canyon View’s strength and conditioning program.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

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